Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekly winners and that's January done!

Looks like I'm turning over a new leaf. Look at me - 1 Feb and up to date with Jan pics :)

My colleague, Ros, always does the MOST beautiful food for her birthday. She did a huge spread and this is just one platter full of yummy fruit. Here is last year's pic of yet another pretty platter.

Later that same day, taken through my office window

Connor loves cars. When I arrived home, he was out of that door so fast and this is him exclaiming, "car!"

And then later, Kendra saw where I hid her dummy (pacifier). Look at that excitement, poor thing.

I was on a course in another building at work and just as I was about to jump in my car and race out of there, I happened to glance through the pillars and saw this...

I noticed graffiti artists a few weeks ago on Louis Botha Avenue (you need nerves of steel to drive here - crazy taxi drivers) and finally got a couple of shots. I just stuck out my arm, mostly held the shutter down and hoped for the best.

Walked to the gym to try out yoga. Hated it but on the way back to the office, well, look at this - put me right back in a cheerful mood.

Ps 19:1 All of creation shouts out God's glory

They are obsessed with my camera case.

Connor concentrating...

Kendra (look at baby hands)

then I get the evil eye because her brother took it from her.

It's survival of the fittest around here :)

This one was taken at church, in a rare moment of stillness

My favourite drink, ready and waiting for me in a meeting room first thing on Monday morning.

I'm linking these up to the weekly winners meme at I am Lotus.

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  1. YAY another SA blogger :)

    Super cool!

    LOVE the fruit platter!


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