Thursday, February 10, 2011

February - week 1 pics

We're trying out our canvases in different areas of the house to see where they look best.

Here's the one of the babies... (I am SO glad I got this crawling one -love this stage)

and here's the one of us. This is our bedroom wall - the colour's called parsley or something similar :)

then my friend gave me this lovely red pencil with

"Keep calm and carry on" printed on it - I love it!

Connor's new thing - he flings himself down anywhere when he wants to sleep. Why doesn't he just tell us?!

A very successful lunch at Mugg and Bean - the babies had funny face breakfasts (yes, for lunch). As you can see, Connor LOVED it.

Kendra also did - the face is because she wants water at that precise moment and Dion wants to feed her food

And then... finally, the babies' plastics are contained and pretty!

This is my weekly winners post :)

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