Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cap obsession

Things I learned while doing Project 365

I can't tell you how glad I am that project 365 is nearly over. I have never been this happy to finish a project ever.


I started out well and then, well, flaked.

Big time.

I learned that I don't like to be forced to take one pic every day. Some days I want to take 20 pics of grey skies and other days I don't even want to open the camera case.

I want the freedom to do that.

Otherwise, it'll be a pic of my handbag or bedside table as I remember at 10.30 pm that I'm supposed to have taken a pic.

I also learned that if I don't organise photos every single week, they become this huge mountain of photo organising drama that I really don't enjoy.

Weekly it's about a 20-minute or less task which is doable.

Whatever you do, don't sort your pics into categories before you take out your P365 photos - you will never find them again. *ahem*

Learn from my mistakes.

That is why April is not complete and why I can't find all the pics for June, July and some of August.

On my birthday (6 Aug), I decided enough is enough and to start doing this photo organising system properly again.

It worked.

Because of the weekly thing.

So I'm calling this done.

I will finish posting December pics and if I find those missing pics, I'll post them. Otherwise, it'll just have to do.

It's actually kind-of fitting that it's mostly there, but not. 9 months are totally complete and the rest are bitsy-piecy.

A bit how I am. Mostly there but not totally.

I do like the imperfection so maybe I won't even bother looking further for those pics :)

Going forward

I do like having a photo challenge going on.

I was thinking of doing a weekly photo challenge. I think I could do that.

Any ideas? Any good ones around on the internet?

P.S. Is anyone reading??? How did you do with your Project 365?

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You interrupted the playing for this?

Christmas Day, on the way to lunch

Friday, December 24, 2010

First visit to the library

aren't these the cutest little chairs?!

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Cute little babies at the beach

The second and final "beachworthy" day of our holiday

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Thursday and Friday

that's what these teddies are called :)

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Teddy love

Gift from Kobus and Bernie for their dedication. This one's called Friday :)