Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March - week 2

lovely Etsy parcel from Japan - this is the best looking parcel I've received in years :)

who would have thought you'd find this in the heart of Johannesburg? Well, Chartwell.

my no-sew handbag from jeans I cut off into shorts

Kendra loved the handbag above and kept it on all through doing her puzzles

Connor seems bored with me, doesn't he?

Cricket World Cup!

my gorgeous bedroom ceiling

some more getting my craft on - this time little notebook from a bookmark

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March - week 1

Had to take a pic of these tiny shoes.
I said, "Kendra, take your shoes to your bedroom"
Evidently this is her bedroom - at least they're neatly placed together :)

we had a work thing at this beautiful venue.
I always wonder why they bother to pay for such gorgeous venues when you only have 30 minutes to actually be outside.

this is my favourite pic from the week

Excuse the blur but I just love the way he's feeding her bread. They're being naughty together :)
Chasing chickens (yes, really) at a party
I love both their expressions
And some more
Trying on hats in Woolies
She was tickled pink :)

Weekly winners a week late

I thought I made a mistake when I was downloading but no, no pics of the kids this week that are non-blurry.

Connor after he fell off the bed and bumped his head.

I've been getting my craft on. The babies are on a nutritional supplement for a few months and I couldn't throw all those tins away.

So I covered them and made them cute. Those tags are the back of my cute moo business cards

I realised I've seriously gotten minimalistic with the toiletries the babies use - wipes, vaseline, lotion and baby powder. That's it.

making elastic books with postcards inspired by Aimee

mmm, sky above the church where I did a talk on organising (that's the kids' playground)

less is more - moved to a smaller handbag

my first flower from Connor

and last, but by no means least, my goals for Feb, honoured in a frame

I'm linking these pics to Lotus's Weekly Winners. Come see the gorgeous photos.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

weekly pics - 27 Feb

Valentine's cupcakes at work

minimalist kids

decluttering jewellery

the rest of the jewellery, organised

my handstamped jewellery (aka etsy obsession)

the babies got into the butternut cubes in my freezer

(I'm a sneaky chef fan)

apparently it was good :)

playing in the tunnel

enjoying lunch - baked beans, tomato and sausages