Friday, January 28, 2011


Check out my new header

Made by me!!!

Huge achievement for someone decidedly non-arty :)

I can now cross it off my 36 things list!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last week in pics

I am clearly loving not taking a daily picture for project 365 because last week I took versions of only these 4 happenings (and 1 other thing that I can't post for confidentiality reasons - a mindmap of some work strategy).


When I walked out of my Zumba class at the gym on Wednesday night, I saw this gorgeous sky

Then I commissioned the man down the road to make two of these wicker drawer sets (one is peeking out on the left of the pic) since this desk has no drawers.

This is the "before" I started decluttering the desk and moving some items to the desk drawers.

I will have to take some "after" pics since it's just about done...

And this is a Mondo Beyondo prompt - things that bring me joy

It's been storming in Johannesburg and I love it. At work one day I was walking back to my desk and saw the absolute beauty of the rain clouds. See the reflection of the office lights? That's how dark it got outside.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My week in pictures

Date with Dion at Piza e Vino
my favourite drink, water with lemon

D's pizza
mine - we ordered half and halfs (fabulous idea for indecisive eaters like me)
I had tandoori chicken with peppadews, coriander (mmmm) and yoghurt, and steak strips with caramelised onion (not as caremelised as I'd have liked) and rocket
Melrose Arch - love the angles

Back to work and this, a sign from God to get my body back into shape
a lovely rainy day
with some bright and happy colours
I couldn't resist picking up these two brochures from Flight Centre and drooling over them...let's call it inspiration

this afternoon, getting photos printed and up on the walls

I'm linking to weekly winners

Sunday, January 9, 2011

P52 - 1st week of Jan

I'm sorting out my photos and found these from the first week of January.

I was back at work and looks like no-one else was. Look at the empty basement...

and my bulging bag of CDs. You can just spot Air Supply's greatest hits peeking out.

I've since decluttered and organised my car CDs so that they're easier to get to - need to take a picture of my lovely lime-green woven basket