Sunday, January 16, 2011

My week in pictures

Date with Dion at Piza e Vino
my favourite drink, water with lemon

D's pizza
mine - we ordered half and halfs (fabulous idea for indecisive eaters like me)
I had tandoori chicken with peppadews, coriander (mmmm) and yoghurt, and steak strips with caramelised onion (not as caremelised as I'd have liked) and rocket
Melrose Arch - love the angles

Back to work and this, a sign from God to get my body back into shape
a lovely rainy day
with some bright and happy colours
I couldn't resist picking up these two brochures from Flight Centre and drooling over them...let's call it inspiration

this afternoon, getting photos printed and up on the walls

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  1. Those pizzas looks DELICIOUS!!!

  2. You've inspired me... I want to make my own pizza now.

  3. those pizza's look SO DELISH. YUMMMM :)

  4. Oh, man. I want that pizza. :) Nice shots!


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