Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly winners a week late

I thought I made a mistake when I was downloading but no, no pics of the kids this week that are non-blurry.

Connor after he fell off the bed and bumped his head.

I've been getting my craft on. The babies are on a nutritional supplement for a few months and I couldn't throw all those tins away.

So I covered them and made them cute. Those tags are the back of my cute moo business cards

I realised I've seriously gotten minimalistic with the toiletries the babies use - wipes, vaseline, lotion and baby powder. That's it.

making elastic books with postcards inspired by Aimee

mmm, sky above the church where I did a talk on organising (that's the kids' playground)

less is more - moved to a smaller handbag

my first flower from Connor

and last, but by no means least, my goals for Feb, honoured in a frame

I'm linking these pics to Lotus's Weekly Winners. Come see the gorgeous photos.


  1. I love the shot of your goals! Good luck with them :)

  2. A nice sampling from the week. Those little books are so cute!

  3. I'm stealing the framed to do list-GENIUS!

  4. You're so creative! That's so awesome!!!

  5. So much of creativity :) well done - loving the tins!!


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